Cornwall LivingIssue #112

Classic with a twist

The team over at Cornish Rock Gin are sure that their ever-growing collection of carefully crafted gins and rums will give you a real taste of Cornwall.

It was on a calm stroll across Rock beach with their four-legged companion, Blue, that Angie and George dreamt up their vision for Cornish Rock Gin, and today they have 14 tantalising flavours of gin and rum for you to try – a number that keeps going up!

“The idea of Rock Gin was to have a small distillery, makings gins to sell in Cornwall,” explains Angie, “but we had no idea it would do so well. Slowly we just introduced new products and last year started with the rums, thinking that if any of the products were not successful we would stop making them, but we have continued to produce everything we have brought to the market!”

The quality of Angie and George’s products speak for themselves, having been made from the purest, most natural products they can find, many of which are found here in Cornwall. All of the gins are sugar free, and the team consider each one to be ‘classic gins with a twist’, without the use of syrups, so the gins remain dry with subtle flavours and undertones. Angie explains that with the rums, the base spirit comes from the Caribbean, but they re-distil it here in Cornwall, again with the finest ingredients they can find. “Our Dark Spiced Pineapple not only smells of ripe pineapple but leaves a real lingering aftertaste. The White Espresso Rum, meanwhile, is made with coffee from our nephew’s farm in Kenya.”

It all started with the smooth Classic Original Gin with its lingering liquorice taste, a very popular choice among the customers, and the collection hasn’t stopped growing for Angie and George. “We now have eight jewels that taste as amazing as they look, and the company continues to grow so the adventure continues. We also have six exciting rums (soon to be eight!), so we haven’t stopped yet!” With George’s personal favourite gin being the Rock Blue Angel, and Angie’s the Pink Rock, it may take a few samples to find your favourite, so make sure to head over to the distillery for the next tasting session!


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