Cornwall LivingIssue #125

Clearly focused

Cornwall Planning Group is a planning-led architectural firm with headquarters based in Hayle. 

The company prides itself on holding a clear focus, drive and passion for producing superlative builds across the country. Since 2014, the group have built their reputation as a firm that delivers ambitious yet practical designs of the highest standard.

Established in 2014 by experienced Managing Director Chris Menear, the company is instilled with a set of core beliefs that inform all of their work at every stage. By focusing on sustainability, efficiency, value, effectiveness, drive and diligence, Cornwall Planning Group have been able to successfully collaborate with clients across a variety of sectors, both in-county and across the greater south west. Throughout the years, they have established an extensive range of executive clients such as housing developers, private builders, commercial retailers and even the National Trust, who have all been exceptionally happy with the attention to detail and passion that was poured into
each project.

Ultimately, the group’s process is informed by their rich history, their staff and their clients. They take great pride in providing a comprehensive service from start to finish; from initial planning, to appraisals, master planning, administration, applications, all the way to final delivery. It’s this bespoke service and ambition to excel in every project they take on that has resulted in the highly esteemed practice they run today.

People are at the heart of everything they do. So, working closely with their clients throughout every stage of the process is essential in providing a service tailored to their individual needs. For over eight years, the group have been helping clients realise their property dreams, building excellence from the ground up through a passion and dedication to innovation. Rewarding builds are what Cornwall Planning Group do best and their impressive portfolio has transformed both the lives of clients as well as the locations they have worked in.

The group’s portfolio is brimming with stunning examples, from rustic Cornish countryside dwellings with cosy fireplaces and amazing wooden interiors to modern cottages with uber-stylish minimalist interiors and stunning balcony views. Whatever it is you’re looking for, the team of experts are on hand to deliver.

Cornwall Planning Group