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Complex care in the community

Bluebird Care provides complex care to help individuals enjoy the most fulfilling Cornish lifestyles.

People living with autism, brain injuries, mental health needs and learning disabilities enjoy and engage in fulfilling lifestyles every day as members of our communities. The support they need is often referred to as ‘complex care’, yet it makes all the difference for everyday living, achieving the quality of life we all aspire to. Bluebird Care is at the forefront in meeting the need for complex care in the community, offering a full range of therapeutic and supported living services across Cornwall, creating the warm and friendly environment conducive to independent living. The specialist care services provided by Bluebird Care support people along their own care pathways, with tailored packages of up to 24-hour support in an individual’s home.

“We are passionate about making every day enjoyable”

Carol, who founded Bluebird Care in Cornwall seven years ago, tells us: “We are passionate about making every day enjoyable; we celebrate successes and know how important it is to empower people to live their lives in the way they choose and to have fun doing so. We encourage our staff teams to find new and innovative ways of doing things, with creative ideas to challenge and inspire each other to step out and make things happen.”

Bluebird Care collaborates with funders, families and stakeholders to go above and beyond, always striving to exceed expectations. “Through empathy, family values and market-leading training,” continues Carol, “we use all our resources, skills and abilities to ensure everyone achieves their full potential.”

Those who work in complex care enjoy a fulfilling career, understanding that everyone is unique, listening to each person’s needs and responding to them in a personalised way. “Working in care is the best decision and career move I’ve ever made,” says Bluebird Carer, Emma. “Every day is different, every day is rewarding and every day I smile, seeing my customers smile. Care does come with early mornings, working in all weathers, and doing your fair share of shifts at Christmas, but knowing you are there to help alongside others who are just as passionate about care, makes it all worthwhile.”

Bluebird Care welcomes newcomers to join the caring profession and believes that people with experience in other areas often make the best carers, bringing knowledge and understanding for the life of others. The company also provides training to give the knowledge and confidence needed to work and excel in care.

Bluebird Care
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"We are passionate about making every day enjoyable"