Cornwall LivingIssue #66

A Cornish Christmas tipple

A team from Constantine Stores help us select some top Cornish gins for the perfect Christmas presents.

With Christmas on the horizon, what better time to visit Constantine Stores, the south west’s largest wine and spirit retailer. What do you get someone who’s got everything? A good Cornish bottle, of course! The team are on-hand with expert advice on selecting the perfect festive tipple. Constantine Stores stocks over 300 gins, including the produce of ten independent Cornish distilleries.

“…the south west’s largest wine and spirit retailer.” 

So, as a little taster, we thought we’d show you some of the team’s favourites here, which you can find in store or online, along with Stafford’s Gin and Jynerva Gin.

Tarquinís Blackberry Gin

A celebration of the Great British blackberry, at its base is the award-winning Tarquin’s Cornish Gin, distilled in tiny batches using three unique copper pot stills, then lovingly infused with berries. A touch of Cornish Wildflower Honey is added for sweetness before hand filling, sealing, labelling, signing and inspecting each bottle. £32.50

Curio Rock Samphire Gin

It’s increasingly difficult to differentiate a gin in today’s market but Curio Gin manages it. Fresh, bright green leafy notes, citrus, sweet flowers on the nose; a soft mouthfeel with lots of herbal notes, piney juniper and warm coriander; then sweet cinnamon, floral and citrus notes from lime flowers and lemon peel, exotic star anise and Rock Samphire – then the release of a hint of sea spray!

The Wrecking Coast Gin

This multi-award-winning clotted cream gin is a smooth, luxurious spirit with a truly unique taste. Fresh Cornish clotted cream is hand distilled in a unique process that blends with a specially created 12 botanical gin, delivering a one-of-a-kind flavour experience. Born in Tintagel; born to be enjoyed.


Elemental Cornish Gin

A small-batch contemporary dry gin distilled in the heart of Cornwall. Organic grain spirit, pure Cornish spring water and a blend of 12 botanicals come together to create an exceptionally smooth, aromatic and well-balanced gin. It opens with wonderful citrus zest, accompanied by grassy notes and a long, gentle spicy finish. £31.75 

St Ives Gin

A gorse hued small-batch, triple-distilled grain spirit, infused with 13 secret botanicals, many foraged by hand from Cornish clifftop, coastline and cottage garden, expertly blended and filtered to gather more flavour and colour. Taste smooth vanilla gorse flower, aromatic fresh basil and smoky Cornish seaweed. Best served with a slice of grapefruit, a wedge of lime and a good tonic. £39.99 

Caspyn Cornish Dry Gin

A classic dry gin with lots of floral freshness and citrus notes, a slight spice and long sherbet finish. Like an early Cornish spring morning – it’s still a wee bit cold, you’re wrapped up, but you feel warm and it’s crisp, invigorating. Perfect served with premium tonic, garnished with a twist of orange. Also great in a classic Negroni, a dry martini or a classic gin sour. £36.45 

Trevethan Cornish Gin

Inspired by the 1929 recipe of Norman Trevethan, a chauffeur who worked on the Port Eliot estate, influenced by London’s cocktail bars of the time. Norman’s grandson, Rob Cuffe, and distiller John Hall have recreated the family recipe for the 21st century gin revolution. Powerful in flavour with a big traditional hit of juniper, citrus notes and a smooth finish of vanilla and handpicked gorse and elderflower. £36.99 

Scilly Gin Westward Farm

A fresh vibrant gin with juniper, citrus and peppery notes, perfect with a top-quality tonic or in a cocktail. The finest botanicals from Java and West Africa are gently vapour infused with a pure grain spirit in tiny batches, producing just 28 bottles at a time. This one-shot technique makes each batch subtly unique and extracts the best of each botanical. £39.99 

"...the south west's largest wine and spirit retailer."