Cornwall LivingIssue #112

Cornish origins

Taking inspiration from the coast, Silver Origins have had Cornwall in their hearts since 1972.

The boundless Cornish coastline and the curves and colours that come alongside it have unsurprisingly influenced the team at Silver Origins from the beginning, who have developed a unique silver jewellery collection that captures the essence of Cornwall, its spectacular scenery, breathtaking natural beauty and the lifestyle of our coastal communities.

As a local, family run business, Silver Origins is now being managed by three generations of family members alongside a team of dedicated staff who all play a key role in coming together to bring success to the Cornish jewellery brand.

Creative Director, Marcus Price, heads up the creation of these timeless Sterling Silver pieces, all of which are designed in house. Having been born and raised in Cornwall, Marcus has a strong affinity for the ocean and coastline, and having been a keen surfer and diver since childhood has frequently immersed himself in the wild and pure Cornish sea. It seems that salt water runs in the veins of this family, as Marcus’ father Tony Price, founder of Silver Origins, was one of the first commercial divers in Cornwall in the early sixties, and a keen long-board surfer.

When inspiration strikes, new designs start out as simple pencil sketches and original moulds hand-carved out of wax to achieve the natural organic shapes and textures that represent the signature style of the brand. Silver is then cast using the lost wax method, sanded, polished and the stones are then set by highly skilled silversmiths. Everything is handmade with attention to detail and quality for the finest finish to every single piece. “It’s so rewarding to create original and tactile handcrafted jewellery with fresh and exciting seasonal collections launching throughout the year and mid-season,” Marcus tells us.

Inspiration for the collections derives from the iconic backdrop of Cornwall’s sub-tropical gardens and wildlife, rugged beaches, coastline and sea life ¬– together with its rich Celtic heritage. This wealth of stimulation provides endless visual motives for the team to work with. Natural organic shapes, sculptured and weathered rock formations, pebbles and shells found beachcombing on the tideline, rockpools teeming with life and ocean waves curling and caressing our shores.

Every piece is imbibed with meaning and intrinsic beauty, connecting the wearer to the true essence of Cornwall. Semi-precious gemstones are often featured in the designs, providing a charming contrast with the silver to enhance the spirit and character of each piece. Elegant and simple, Silver Origins’ minimalist designs embody the timeless saying that less is more, and with the variety of designs available there is something to suit everyone, from the fun and whimsical to the eternally romantic, celebrating love and life moments.

You can find these charming pieces in one of two beautiful boutiques by the sea. One is situated in the ancient market town of Marazion, across the water from the famous St Michael’s Mount, and the other is based in the popular town of St Ives, nestled among the cobbled streets and art galleries in the creative hub of Cornwall. Visiting one of the jewellery boutiques is a real experience, with stunning contemporary displays and interiors and friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you pick out the perfect piece from the extensive range for a loved one, or yourself! The reasonable prices may tempt you to more than what you came for. “Being an independent company, we pride ourselves on a more personal and individual service,” Marcus explains. “If silver rings are your passion, then don’t miss our fantastic ring bar displays where you can literally try on every style and ring size imaginable.”

Each shining ring, necklace or pair of earrings is beautifully gift boxed to make the perfect present for your loved one. Silver Origins is proud to create keepsakes to be cherished and lovingly worn for every occasion, to celebrate those special memories and to keep us connected to the land that holds our hearts.

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