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Cornish resort provides free accommodation to local nurses and doctors

The Landal Gwel an Mor resort in Portreath, Cornwall are supporting the fight against coronavirus by providing free accommodation to doctors and nurses working at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, also known as Treliske Hospital in Truro.  

With the resort a short drive away from the county’s main hospital, the holiday centre is working with the NHS to offer a comfortable and convenient place to stay for local health workers, allowing them to continue with their vital roles at this time.

Doctors and nurses started moving into the resort early this week, with the majority staying at the resort as they have vulnerable family members, so they need to move out of their homes to be able to continue their work in saving lives. Drs and nurses who have been called on to return to the area to assist with the ‘NHS needs you’ recruitment push have also been offered lodges at Landal Gwel an Mor.

With the resort of 114 lodges closing to guests, CEO of the resort Bill Haslam and the Management team put their heads together on how they could help to support the NHS, working quickly to devise a new purpose for the resort.

“We felt compelled to do something proactive and positive, working as quickly as we could to help in any way, this dire situation.  With us sitting on empty lodges, we decided we needed to look into how we could support our local efforts, so offering accommodation to nurses and doctors at Treliske was the obvious answer.”

Commented Matt Way, Resort Director of Landal Gwel an Mor.

“Our accommodation is suited perfectly to be able to offer a welcoming place to live during this time of crisis as all our lodges are self-contained and fully equipped with washers, dryers, dishwashers, cooking equipment – everything our NHS workers will need between shifts to keep them going” stated Matt. “ We have worked with the NHS on the protocol for the doctors and nurses staying with us, to ensure everyone’s safety and the least hassle to these workers who are now our guests. Their needs at this time are fundamental, really just using the lodges to shower, for sleep then back to work again, so we are glad we can offer some respite for those on the frontline”.

The resort has worked with the NHS with regards to safety with strict procedures in place for cleaning and contact, with 24-hour security also provided for the NHS staff staying to ensure they feel safe and looked after.  All communal areas of the resort are closed, so NHS staff will be accessing their personal lodges only during this time.

“Our staff are our priority with their safety at the top of our agenda. I cannot praise our amazing team enough, who have all pulled together at this extremely difficult time.  All staff currently working at the resort are volunteers from our team, so have chosen to support this initiative and our local NHS in the way they can and know how – with a warm welcome and heartfelt hospitality ” said Matt Way.

The resort has a history of supporting its local services and workers with their Annual Emergency Services Award event, a celebration to acknowledge the vital work Cornwall’s emergency teams provide, many of which are volunteers. The resort also welcomed paramedics and firefighters involved in the Grenfell Tower disaster from London offering holidays for them and their families to get some respite and time away together.

"We felt compelled to do something proactive and positive, working as quickly as we could to help in any way"