Cornwall LivingIssue #104

Cornwall needs you!

Now is the perfect time to plan for a rewarding and reliable career in care.

Present uncertainties are challenging our priorities and questioning our normal. Putting it to good use while fresh in mind makes this the best time for bringing positive change and securing a more certain future.

Many people have been attracted to a career in care through the rewards of varied and sociable daily activities, with a secure income whatever the economic climate, and endless opportunities to learn and develop skills at times to suit them.

Rachel Olsen joined Bluebird Care after 10 successful years in hospitality, where she rose to the role of restaurant manager, and then moved into sales supplying fresh produce to restaurants and other food outlets. After the birth of her son earlier this year, she wanted a more rewarding role where she would make a difference to people’s lives, so applied to become a carer. “Every day is different,” she says, “it is the best decision I have made, I just love going home at the end of the day feeling I have helped someone else to have a good day!”

After 35 years working as a butcher, another recent recruit to Bluebird Care has gone from making award-winning pasties to caring for vulnerable people after a chance encounter in the street. David Collings became a butcher aged 15 and thought he would do this job for the rest of his life, but was impressed by the extraordinary care and compassion given by care staff when his father suffered a stroke. So when he was stopped by a woman asking for help to take her husband with Parkinson’s disease to a GP appointment, he decided to change his life. David says he couldn’t be happier after changing careers.

‘Cornwall Needs You Now!’ is the urgent message from the Proud to Care Cornwall website. There are already over 26,000 people working in care organisations across Cornwall, but many more are needed, and there couldn’t be a better time than now to plan for a more certain future with a rewarding career in care.


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Bluebird Care welcomes newcomers to join the caring profession and believes people with experience in other areas often make the best carers, bringing their knowledge and understanding for the life of others. The organisation is also happy to provide the full training required to give the knowledge and confidence needed to work in care.


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