Cornwall LivingIssue #69

Cosmetic trends for 2018

Plastic Surgeon at Duchy Hospital, Rebecca Dunlop, discusses the pros and cons of the cosmetic surgery procedures that are tipped to trend this year.

Cosmetic surgery has come a long way both in terms of techniques available and the results now possible, but the procedures being requested by patients are also changing.

Wrinkle relaxing injections

Wrinkle relaxants in both men and women are becoming more popular. The trick, according to Rebecca, is finding a practitioner who can tailor your treatment to you, achieving a subtle effect which can go ‘under the radar’. This sometimes requires a couple of treatments over the course of a few months.

Hair transplant surgery

Gone are the days of the unnatural looking hair transplant. Today’s techniques give outstanding results and can totally transform the appearance and self-confidence of both men and women suffering from hair loss. This procedure is still time-consuming and expensive, but more and more people are either saving for or prioritising it. Unfortunately hair transplants are not available at Duchy Hospital.

Body contouring

More and more post-weight loss patients, whether having had surgical weight loss procedures or succeeded through lifestyle alterations feel that their journey to a happier, healthier self is incomplete without body contouring surgery. This is because they often still cannot wear the clothes they want, or be fully active with lots of excess skin. The available surgical options are many and varied, and the extensive scarring doesn’t seem to be putting people off. With an increasing number of people committing to this surgery after reversing their weight gain, Rebecca expects body contouring to become only more popular.

Aesthetic genital surgery

While stirring up controversy and strong feelings on both sides of the argument, there’s no denying that this is a popular option for patients from a wide range of ages and for all sorts of reasons. Like any cosmetic treatment, however, it’s not one to rush into and it’s crucial that your expectations are managed effectively and in detail, pre-op.