Cornwall LivingIssue #125

Creating a new reality

Utilising the latest trends in modern methods of construction and clean technology to make a real difference to those who need it most. 

 Building for Humanity is not an ordinary not-for-profit housing company. It’s one with a purpose of improving affordable home ownership and rental properties, with profits used to self-fund the company’s own homeless charity – Homes for Humanity. Modelled by the founders to develop the best, simple, most sustainable, low-energy performance homes to make housing accessible to those who can only dream of owning or renting an affordable home, Building for Humanity is a not-for-profit housing company reinventing affordable home ownership and affordable rental properties, with all profits donated to their homeless charity partner, Homes for Humanity. 

The big difference is that no one benefits from the company profits, apart from those who the company have set out to help; instead, they donate all surplus profits to provide the initial support work and the Step Forward programme that Homes for Humanity provides, in essence creating a self-sufficient eco system. With most of this income providing advice, installing insulation, heating measures and renewables into homes for individuals in fuel poverty, this fits perfectly with the company ethos of helping those most in need.

This is an incredible opportunity for families, individuals on low income, potentially homeless, homeless and any ex-military personnel to be mentored, trained, offered apprenticeships and the chance to work in any role throughout the company, and even help build the very homes which they will eventually be buying, renting and maintaining with the Building for Humanity team.

Each site will have its very own Community and Training Hub where the community can meet for coffee, socialise, train and get involved in every aspect of the development, from the initial concept and design right through to construction, maintenance, ongoing upkeep and management of these properties.

This is not just about building more affordable homes and social housing; this is about social re-engineering and showing these individuals that are usually on some form of government benefit that you can be rewarded for working and taking control of your future with the Humanity Credit programme. Building for Humanity is a proud member of the Armed Forces Covenant, and this project will demonstrate the team’s commitment to ex-military personnel, their spouses and their children.