Cornwall LivingIssue #109

Curio brings California to Cornwall

Cornish artisan distillery Curio has launched its brand-new range of hard seltzers in time for summer. Hard seltzers are the fastest growing drinks sector in the United States and have been for the past two years. The hard seltzer phenomenon is set to arrive in the UK this summer. 

Created from spirited sparkling water, husband and wife team, William and Rubina Tyler-Street’s inspiration for the new range has been the Cornish outdoor lifestyle. Rubina explains: “We wanted to create a drink to enjoy anywhere, from the beach to the back garden. There’s a word people in Cornwall use to describe the easy going Californian-esque outdoor lifestyle we lead in the county and that’s ‘Kernowfornia’, which sums this up and positions it perfectly for the post-lockdown way people want to enjoy the outdoors, socialising with friends and family. We have created a range of incredible flavour combinations, there is a flavour for everyone to enjoy this summer.”

Now available online and in independent stores, the range has been created to highlight a new interest in ‘wellbeing’ drinking choices. At its core is a 4.5% abv alcohol based spirited sparkling water which is gluten free. The flavourings are all natural, vegan friendly and with zero sugar, each 330ml can is only 84 calories which will keep the beach-ready body in shape.

Curio, with no less than 15 awards, is famous for its innovative ideas and its focus on quintessential flavour, and the Curio Hard Seltzer range does not disappoint. The flavour combinations are exceptional, including the delicate Peach and Rose, the warmth and zing of Rhubarb and Ginger, the sweet Pear and Elderflower, tropical fruity Mango, and the latest flavour to be unveiled is the stunning Yuzu and Mandarin. With impactful packaging by Falmouth based design company Kingdom and Sparrow highlighting the beautiful colours and shapes of the flavourings, this new range is bound to be a major success. The range has also been packaged in aluminium cans for easy recycling.

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