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Defining an experience

We catch up with luxury lodge developers, Charteroak, and ask them to define the ‘Charteroak Experience’.

As a developer of high quality holiday lodge developments, Charteroak recognise that they provide an exclusive proposition in the market place very different to those sites offering lots of shared amenities like swimming pools and tennis courts.

Instead the focus for Charteroak has always been to create its own unique experience with an emphasis on three principal elements, which they believe are important to their customers.

 First of all the sites themselves are chosen for their appealing location, in areas where people would like to have a second home, but more importantly for the actual physical environment of the site itself whether that embraces wonderful views, proximity to water or complete seclusion. Allied to this is the way the schemes are developed with an emphasis on well-conceived native planting and the introduction of streams and bodies of water to provide the best micro location and aspect for each lodge.

 Charteroak are also a developer for whom quality prevails over quantity, priding themselves on creating developments with a much lower site density than many other locations. This means a Charteroak lodge provides greater privacy and outside space for you and your guests to enjoy.

 The final but all-important third point is the focus placed on the lodges themselves. By nature Charteroak have always been keen to push the boundaries of lodge development seeking to positively innovate and enhance the product they offer. Lodges have been around for some time now but by looking to innovate, Charteroak wants to create more forward thinking lodge designs, anticipating and then providing what the customers of today expect, plus one or two added features they might not! This is best illustrated by the indulgent luxury of the iSpa™ with its integral spa facilities and private cinema room, or the Sky Terrace, with its elevated deck making so much more of the panoramic views of the Cornish countryside.

 Charteroak’s Sales Director, Sam Weller, tells us: “We work with great partners, be they contactors, landscape consultants, architects and lodge manufacturers; they are all vital ingredients in helping to deliver the Charteroak Experience. We are extremely grateful for their continued support and the important contribution they make to what we deliver.”

 The result of all of the above is a holiday home that provides a significant sense of space, an environment your lodge feels a part of and a home designed for you and with amenities just for you. That is the Charteroak Experience.



You could earn an attractive income and enjoy own use under Charteroak’s guaranteed income scheme, which is available on new holiday home sales.



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