Cornwall LivingIssue #133

Design for living

Interior design expert Helen Grundy-Smith reveals the secret to creating a successful luxury holiday retreat.

Helen, owner of Cotton Mills Design House in Truro is no stranger to luxury spaces. Having worked in the super yacht industry, and then in interior design for private clients, she now brings her expertise to Cornwall as owner of Cotton Mills Design House in Truro. The Design House specialises in the production of predominantly bespoke, hand-sewn curtains and window dressings as well as providing turnkey interior design projects which are very popular with both developers and holiday home owners looking for a property makeover.

Helen is self-confessed as being a minimalist at heart: “I like fresh, clean and minimal interiors, with an emphasis on functionality. Having worked on superyachts for such a long time, I had to learn how to organise and make good use of the space available, both in terms of light and storage. Especially for holiday rental properties, I believe the design needs not only to stand the test of time but to be timeless as well.

“Guests are looking for that little bit of luxury. I think where you can afford to spend a little more, making really good decisions and curating special pieces that are going to last and are of really good quality will set your property apart. Bathrooms, for example, which are often overlooked, are worth the investment of extra consideration and perhaps a little bit more of the budget in order to create a really nice sanctuary.

“Competition can be so fierce in the holiday letting industry, especially in Cornwall. Cornwall speaks for itself in terms of marketing, it has worldwide renown. So, if you’ve got a letting property, you’ve really got to try and stand out amongst the crowd and going that extra mile with certain details and finishes can make a big difference. Guests can be very discerning and have come to expect quality. As an interior designer, I’m here to help maximise either your profit from the return of your guests, or the finishes and items that you choose so that you’re not having to replace them as often.”

Cotton Mills Design House
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