Cornwall LivingIssue #117

Design led

If you are looking to take your outdoor living space to the next level, look no further.

As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic, there is a constant that we hold dear, and that’s the great outdoors – and in particular our own outdoor space. Each environment is different, something that the experts at Heart, Smoke and Soal appreciate. With this in mind, they offer a fully bespoke, design-led process to help customers realise the potential of their outdoor space.

Owners Zowie and Gareth Rees, have a background in plumbing and heating and a passion for outdoor living and cooking, meaning they are excellently placed when it comes to advising on your dream project. We ask Zowie about how the process works: “Clients will make contact with us and we are delighted to have a no-obligation chat to talk through initial thoughts and ideas.”

“The first step to designing the outdoor kitchen of your dreams is to define what you need from your space. The advantage of our custom service is that we can make sure you have everything you need to cook, live and entertain outdoors in style. Even if you don’t have a large space, we can still offer designs that are both elegant and practical.”

The next step is to book a visit to the fully-stocked showroom, where clients can view a range of products, materials and design ideas in situ. This is a time for one-to-one questions and answers and gives Zowie and her team the opportunity to discover the client’s wants and needs, while at the same time being able to talk through their brands, build options and time scales. 

“Following a showroom consultation,” adds Zowie, “we recommend a property visit that allows our designer to get a feel for the space and how the area is likely to be used. Having these conversations really is key to understanding our clients. From here, it’s to the drawing board we go, where we will spec the design and create a visual.”

Once finalised, the project is booked and the Heart Smoke and Soal team take it from there. From sourcing all of the materials and products, prepping the ground and completing the installation, all the client need do is to await completion and handover, when their al fresco experience will be ignited. 


Heart, Smoke and Soal