Cornwall LivingIssue #134

Designer for a day

Not looking for a full design service but in need of some professional style guidance? Cotton Mills Design House has just launched a brand-new solution…

Cotton Mills Design House in Truro has long-since been known for its luxury, bespoke window treatments but since being bought by interior design expert, Helen Grundy-Smith, the company now also provides a timeless and functional interior design service that spans both end-to-end projects – very popular with both developers and holiday home owners looking for a property makeover – as well as bespoke packages for private homes and single consultations. New for this year is a ‘Designer for a Day’ service, which bridges the gap between a full-service, turn-key design offering and single room makeovers. The service has been launched in order to offer professional guidance for those who have a vision but are struggling to realise it in terms of design, styling and shopping, and the whole process is delivered in five easy steps…

Discovery Call

Why not book a complimentary discovery call to see if your project is a good-fit for this style of service? At this stage communication is key, and being open and honest about your dream goals, whilst keeping budget and other limits in mind, is the road to success.

Decide Your Dates

The Cotton Mills’ team will then talk to you about available dates. As with all professional services there’s an agreement and invoice process to lock it in the arrangement and get started on your dream space.


Next comes the ‘game plan’. “Before our session, clients will receive a questionnaire and provide photos of their space. Then we’ll hop on a pre-meeting call to ‘game plan’ the session,” says Helen. “It’s an exciting voyage of discovery for both myself and the client.”

Designer For A Day Session

Helen, or one of her experienced design team members, will then dedicate a five-hour day to you. To get an idea of how this day might look we spoke to Helen: “Here are just a few examples of what we could achieve in our time together: We might start with a one-hour prep call via Zoom so that we can be clear on the client’s priorities during which we will be able to get a virtual tour of their home.

Follow Up

A second one-hour follow-up call via Zoom can be arranged to get answers to the inevitable questions that arise. We can arrange to visit a property if it’s local to us or if the client would like to visit us at our Truro studio, we offer complimentary lunch and drinks. The service is designed to be versatile and open to all, whether you live in-county or out. We finish the consultation with a bespoke Client Guidebook, which contains a summing-up report of our time which is packed with notes, links, recommendations and next steps.”

There are a range of services that Helen and her team are happy to discuss: “We usually start with floor-plans and furniture layout,” says Helen. “We then move on to interior finish recommendations as this will set the tone for the design. Next comes the finer design elements where we can advise on furniture, soft furnishings, accessories and, of course, window treatments!”

Cotton Mills Design House offers optimal interior styling for both residential and commercial properties: “I worked on superyachts for a long time and due to the small environments, I had to learn how to organise and make good use of the space available, both in terms of light and storage, and it’s these impactful elements in a room that are important. I believe the design needs not only to stand the test of time but to be functional as well. This is what we aspire to at Cotton Mills. Everything we do is geared towards curating dream homes for our clients that they will love to spend time in, and not just until the current trends wear thin.”

In terms of commercial projects, Helen can advise those looking to furnish a holiday or second home: “Guests are looking for that little bit of luxury. I think where you can afford to spend a little more, making really good decisions and curating special pieces that are going to last and are of really good quality will set your property apart. Competition can be so fierce in the holiday letting industry, especially in Cornwall. Cornwall speaks for itself in terms of marketing, it has worldwide renown. So, if you’ve got a letting property, you’ve really got to try and stand out amongst the crowd and going that extra mile with certain details and finishes makes a big difference. Guests can be very discerning and have come to expect quality.” So, whatever your interior design aspirations we highly recommend getting in touch with Cotton Mills to realise your dream home.