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Dining al fresco

The weather’s warming up, summerís around the corner, time to head outdoors.

If like us, your thoughts are turning to the days and months ahead and all that they entails, then one of the joys of being released from winter’s grip is being able to dine outdoors again. Lawns will need to be mowed, borders trimmed and patios washed down in preparation. This is also a moment to take stock and consider if that outdoor dining area that you’ve been utilising for years is starting to look a bit tired. It’s served you well, come rain or shine, but perhaps it’s feeling a bit dated, exhibiting more patched up areas than attractive, clean-laid flagstones. Do the chair and table legs, no matter how hard you try to configure the layout, always seem to keep snagging on those annoying raised

And worse still, if you haven’t got round to filling in here and there, what about those mini-sink holes that have opened up? You could almost justify getting a few red warning triangles out to warn diners of the potential hazards! If these aren’t enough issues then what about the overall shape – does it still work with the way your garden has matured or have things moved on? Is it time to replace?

We would imagine that most people would opt to replace like-with-like, but we think this is an opportunity to think outside of the box. Decking would have been the obvious alternative a few years back, but attitudes change and although they can add a bit of frontier charm to a property, they are not that practical in reality and require a high degree of on-going maintenance. Possibly concrete then? Too bland. Gravel – let’s not even go there! All of the obvious choices seem to come with their own inherent problems. 

It was at this point in our quest that coincidently we found ourselves talking about Oltco, which we knew was famed for providing beautiful and practical driveways and parking areas. What we hadn’t considered was that the same technology could be used elsewhere. We’d contacted Oltco and had been speaking to its team on another matter, and just dropped our problem into the conversation. “Patios, why of course we can help,” came the response to the issue, “resin is just the answer and will tick all the boxes. The finish is smooth, has marvellous anti-slip properties and what’s more, it’s permeable which means there’s no puddling.”

The team went on to talk about one of their newer products, which would be an obvious choice for this sort of application – Recycle Bound. It’s made using plastic waste already in circulation, and since its launch, has managed to recycle the equivalent of over 150 million plastic straws in installations across the UK. Even the grid used in Oltco’s Recycle Base product is made using 100% recycled plastic, and has a load-bearing capability of up to 800 tonnes per square metre. Fully permeable and recyclable at the end of its life, this really is an innovative product, one that’s testament to Oltco’s commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. It’s also available in a range of colour blends and patterns so you can make a choice that is appropriate for your garden.

Of course, a resin-based patio should not just be viewed as a replacement for an existing one. For those of you who are yet to lay down your first outdoor dining area or just require a space that is useable all-year round, then why not get in touch with Oltco? The team is ever ready to listen to your requirements and will come up with the best option, all the while guiding you through the project, from the initial planning stage through to installation. 

What’s more, so confident is Oltco in its product that it’ll even offer a 20-year guarantee, plus aftercare. But should you need more convincing, just have a look at the website where you’ll find rafts of information and a selection of testimonials from satisfied customers who’ve already wandered down the Oltco path. Or should we say patio?

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