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Find out about the treatments and facilities available at Duchy Hospital through their 2019 open events.

Duchy Hospital is Cornwall’s only private hospital with an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality treatments and services. With the New Year fast approaching, the hospital will soon be releasing its open events programme for 2019, providing you with the chance to discover the various treatments available, discuss your options with healthcare professionals and see the brilliant facilities first hand.

discover the excellent treatments, facilities and level of care available at Duchy Hospital”

The open events will cover everything from cosmetic surgery and orthopaedic care to men’s health, varicose veins and women’s health and will be led by experienced consultant surgeons who diagnose conditions, perform treatments and support patients through their health journey. Public events are held within the hospital’s conference room and during the event consultants will discuss certain procedures, giving patients the opportunity to meet others in similar situations and ask questions. Also allowing you to get a sense of the environment and the people who will be looking after you – if you do decide to proceed with treatment – as well as being able to gain a fuller understanding of the facilities at Duchy Hospital, including the private rooms, which are available to all private patients.

There’s also the opportunity to book a mini one-to-one session with one of the consultants or join a public information evening. During your one-to-one session you will be able to discuss your unique situation and even receive a basic examination. The one-to-one session doesn’t replace the full consultation that’s required before treatment, but it’s a great way to gain a better understanding of what’s involved.

Ultimately, the events provide you with the opportunity to discover the excellent treatments, facilities and level of care available at Duchy Hospital, allowing you to hear from the experts and decide whether undergoing treatment at the Duchy is the best thing for you. The events are completely free with no obligation, they’re simply there to help you make an executive decision on whether or not becoming a Duchy Hospital patient is the right thing for you. So, why not book onto one of the event days and discover the superb facilities and exceptional level of care available at Duchy Hospital for yourself?


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"discover the excellent treatments, facilities and level of care available at Duchy Hospital"