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Dodge, dunk and dive!

Introducing Newquay’s brand new all-weather attraction.

Lovers of Cornwall will know that, when it comes to English weather, every holidaymaker needs a good back up plan, particularly when it comes to holidaying with children.

Fortunately, a brand new attraction is about to be unveiled on Cornwall’s north coast: Newquay Trampoline and Play Park. Situated in the UK’s surfing capital, the new family attraction is the perfect way to cool down out of the sun, or take cover from the English rain.

Catering for children and adults from ages 1 to 101, Newquay Trampoline and Play Park will be landing this summer, offering the perfect all-weather space to dodge, dunk and dive into a whole heap of family fun. From the main jump area, to foam pits, trick zones, obstacle courses, Aeroball and so much more, there’s something to delight all ages. There’s plenty of space for coffees and snacks away from all the excitement too, with a mezzanine area overlooking the whole park, perfect for kicking back while the little ones burn off that excess energy!

The trampoline area is set to include two dive towers and an assault course, and next to all this you’ll also find a dedicated under 8s play area, featuring a glow ball pool, tree house, glow room, slides, climb and balance beams, interactive cardio walls and crawl tubes, plus a special baby area.

So, if you find yourself in Cornwall this year, whatever the weather forecast, be sure to include Newquay Trampoline and Play Park in your holiday itinerary. For opening times and prices, be sure to visit the website!

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