Cornwall LivingIssue #106

Dreaming of warmer climes

An island holiday without going abroad: the Isles of Scilly are perfect for those wishing to take a break closer to home.

The Isles of Scilly lie just 28 miles off the coast of Cornwall. They are the most south-westerly point of England and, bathed in the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, the climate there often feels more like that of a tropical island!

With white sand beaches and clear blue seas the Isles of Scilly have always enjoyed warmer weather than the mainland. In the past – before heated greenhouses – the very first daffodils of the year would come over from the islands by boat to be put on the train and rushed to the flower markets of Covent Garden, where people clamoured for the first blooms of spring

Traffic now flows the other way; you might catch the train down to Penzance and sail across to the islands on Scillonian III or fly from Exeter or Land’s End. Greeted on arrival with white sand beaches and clear blue seas, you could be forgiven for thinking you had flown long-haul rather than a 15-minute hop from Land’s End or 60 minutes from Exeter airport. The ferry from Penzance takes a gentle 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Discovering the delights of these sand-fringed islands will definitely help to recharge your batteries after the winter and if you want to reconnect with nature, the grey seals, puffins and red squirrels will be pleased to guide your way. If it’s peace and quiet you’re looking for it’s never hard to find a tide-swept beach, where yours are the only footprints in the sand.

Whichever way you choose to travel to the islands, the journey will be a unique part of your holiday memories.

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