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Dress your property to impress

Present your property to its best advantage when selling with beautiful furniture from Rustic House.

When it comes to selling your house, it might be a surprise that furnishings are a major draw for buyers. You may be asking yourself “Why does it matter how my property’s furnished?’ It’s simple – furnished properties attract more buyers, sell faster and will typically achieve a higher price. The difference is staggering – staged homes spend on average half the time on the market compared to non-staged homes, and generally sell over 8% above asking price.

having a house properly dressed really helps to maximise the sales value and reduce the time it’s on the market”

This is especially important for developers of new homes, where the target buyers will be the property’s first owners. But how to encourage these buyers to see how they could use the space, and convey the feeling of a home – not just a house – without having to furnish the home at huge expense? We hear from Emily Hawken, whose business, Rustic House, offers a home staging service that can help your property stand out, sell quickly, and also save you thousands of pounds.

Emily tells us: “Buyers can struggle to envisage a property as their new home when it’s marketed without furniture, but the additional expense of furnishing a property is often not a possibility. For this reason, we’re offering customers the opportunity to furnish a property ready for sale without the need to purchase all of the furniture.”

Located in Par, just outside the picturesque seaside town of Fowey, the Rustic House showroom is beautifully designed; it’s hard not to daydream about having a home full of the gorgeous products tastefully arranged inside.

So how does it work? Rustic House will charge you a fixed fee of £1,500, for which you can fully furnish your property. This includes a member of the team visiting your property and working with you to plan the interior design; they will then put together a furniture package for your property and arrange a delivery date. Emily explains: “On the delivery day, we will take care of everything – unpacking, assembling and arranging all the furniture. We’ll also provide a detailed inventory and price list to be included with your property details for your buyers. If your buyer chooses to purchase the entire furniture package from us, we’ll refund your deposit in full. If not, then we will come and collect all the furniture – you won’t need to lift a finger.”

It’s a system with clear results. Rustic House customer Richard Fisher tells us: “As a small scale property developer, we have always struggled to find a cost effective way to show potential buyers how a house can be used. We didn’t want to buy furniture in case the buyers didn’t want it and we would have to sell it at a significant loss or pay to store it. At the same time, having a house properly dressed really helps to maximise the sales value and reduce the time it’s on the market. In smaller houses it lets people see that the rooms are large enough for purpose, and in large houses (especially open plan ones), it shows how the space can be used. Rustic House were perfect for what we needed. Now we can affordably furnish each house individually and have already seen great results thanks to their efforts.”

If you’re looking for an affordable way to present your property to it best advantage for sale, Rustic House’s service provides everything you could need, enabling you to show off your space without forking out for a whole set of new furniture.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more be sure to take a look at the website. Better still, why not pay a visit to the showroom in Par, see the range of unique, handcrafted furniture for yourself, and discuss your options over a cup of coffee?



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"having a house properly dressed really helps to maximise the sales value and reduce the time it’s on the market"