Cornwall LivingIssue #64

Eco drive

We go for a spin in the new energy conscious Toyota Yaris Hybrid.

Those of us who live in or simply love to visit Cornwall all appreciate the beautiful scenery, sea air and roads our beautiful landscape provides.  Everybody is also aware of the damage even modern cars can do to the environment and air quality in our stunning county.

“… the car’s electric engine immediately impressed.”

Although fully electric cars are available, realistically their practicality in Cornwall is up for debate. Even if you ignore the purchase costs, when you take into account the limited battery life and lack of charging points, for many electric cars are simply not an option. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid, Toyota’s first foray into the Hybrid Supermini class, we believe is a smart and sensible solution.

It’s hard to review a car without driving it, so on a gloriously sunny Monday morning I got to grips with the Toyota Yaris Hybrid with a drive around the south coast. As the sun was out and knowing how fickle the weather can be, my first thought was to get to the coast to get some pictures and showcase this car against some of our beautiful scenery.

In this simple journey I inadvertently managed to really put the car to the test. Getting caught in tourist traffic, the car’s electric engine immediately impressed. At low speeds the Yaris Hybrid runs solely off its battery and its quietness, smoothness and seamless transition really shine through. Its nippy 1.5 litre engine also provides more than enough power to eat up the country miles. Next up was a drive through Cornwall Living’s hometown and the ever-busy Porthleven, where the car’s maneuverability through the tight harbourside roads was second to none and the comfort of the ride as we went over the cobbled path was fantastic.

After finally making my way through the tourist traffic, I stopped at Loe Bar to take some scenic shots. It was here I really got to admire the design of the car. Modern, stylish and broad in its appeal, it would be perfect for any member of the family. As an added bonus six trim levels are available as well as a wide range of styling packs, allowing any buyers to really personalise their drive.

After a few more hours driving I eventually had to return the car and with an impressive 78.5 mpg the petrol dial had barely moved! What’s more with an extremely competitive drive away price, 0% finance and two years’ free servicing the Toyota Yaris Hybrid does seem to tick all the boxes for the perfect Cornish car.

"... the car's electric engine immediately impressed."