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Effortless efficiency

With winter just around the bend, ways in which we can tackle the ever-increasing energy bills have never been more necessary.

As the days begin to grow colder as we venture into autumn, now is the perfect time to get your new, renewable heating system installed, running and ready for the winter. As such, there has never been a better time to buy an air source heat pump.

Much has been made of what’s going on with electricity prices, but gas prices have already quadrupled and will be increasing again. Heating oil prices are in excess of £1 per litre – meaning homes heated by oil are looking at a bill in excess of £1,000 to fill up their oil tanks. Whichever way you look at it, heating prices are going up and installing an environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient heating system is the best way forward.

Air source heat pumps run off electricity and convert heat stored within the air to supply our home’s heating and hot water. As a result, they can output more than four times the energy they consume, making them highly efficient! As they work at low temperatures over longer periods of time, living in a home heated by a heat pump is noticeably friendlier. Maintaining your property’s temperature means a home never feels too hot or too cold.

As well as these benefits, the government is currently offering a £5,000 contribution towards the installation of an air source heat pump system. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme, or BUS, provides £5,000 towards the upfront costs of an installation. Offsetting nearly half of the total installation costs, meaning a home can convert to renewable heating for a similar cost to installing a replacement gas or oil boiler. With the heating season just around the corner and the inevitable rush on heating installation, get ahead of the game and install an air source heating system with GreenGenUK.