Cornwall LivingIssue #103

Escape to the country

Thinking of leaving city life behind? Adam Desmonde, an expert in property and planning, shares his advice on relocating to Cornwall.

With so many city dwellers no longer based at their workplace full-time there is now a real sense of freedom to relocate. As companies reorganise towards a permanent shift to homeworking, rural estate agents have reported a surge in interest from people looking to move to the country. And Cornwall is no exception. People’s priorities are changing, with many wanting more outdoor space and a rural environment.

With this in mind, we spoke to Adam Desmonde, from Cliff and Ocean, to find out the considerations needed for making such a move. He suggests first you should take a look at your priorities. Are you looking for coastal or countryside? The vibrancy of a town or the rural tranquillity of a sleepy village? If you have a young family then schooling will be high on your list. And if you’re not retiring, then there’s where and how will you work? Adam continues: “Fortunately, the way we work has changed. Post-Covid the opportunity to work from home has been opened up to all. You can live and thrive in Cornwall working remotely with your existing company, a company in the south west or even create your own company, as I did.” And with the improvement of rail, road and air links to major cities from Cornwall, commuting has also become a real option.

Adam made his own move to Cornwall from London some 15 years ago. He suggests that the wise move is to look for relocation opportunities in up-and-coming areas rather than tourist hotspots, giving you more scope and better value for money. Adam and his team at Cliff and Ocean have decades of experience and knowledge regarding such areas in Cornwall. Combined with their excellent relationships with local land owners and estate agents, this means that they have access to some little gems that might otherwise be overlooked. 

Their work with Cornwall Council affords them the inside edge on new development zones, boundary changes and investment opportunities and as specialists in planning permission they can help you design a brand new property or transform an existing one. So, whether you are looking for a development, renovation or new build opportunity, a holiday home or a forever home, they can help take the stress out of finding your dream Cornish property.

Adam is fully aware that trying to find a property when you don’t live in the area can be challenging and so offers a fully remote service. “After taking your brief we will find a selection of homes for you, arrange viewings (virtually if necessary) and supply information packs,” explains Adam. “We then create your own client portal where we can video conference and review documents. We also offer structural surveys and feasibility studies, meaning we can evaluate your chosen property while you sit back and relax.” So don’t delay, start your relocation planning today.

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Adam suggests using the following list of considerations for any relocation plans:

• Location
• Budget
• Do your research
• What are your priorities?
• How/where will you work?
• Schooling
• Consult an expert!

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