Cornwall LivingIssue #97

Escape to your garden

Spring is here and that means it’s time to start getting outside and making the most of our gardens.

This year, if you’re unable to make it to the Med or somewhere exotic, then why not make your garden your go-to getaway? Bodmin Nursery, with more than 20 years of growing experience, is your one-stop gardening destination to help you craft your haven.

On its five-acre site, Bodmin Nursery grows all you will need for your garden schemes, be it larger scale border planting, or simply refreshing your garden, patio or pots. Not only that, the nursery team is always on hand to assist with any queries you have, or to help your ideas come to life.

Here are some of the team’s top garden styles and ideas to inspire you this season:

Incorporate coastal/Mediterranean species
Do this with herbs, silver leaves, grasses, strappy plants (Agapanthus, Phormium, Tulbaghia), and bright bedding such as Pelargoniums. Add a splash of natural colour with terracotta pots.

Make it lush with large leaves
Bodmin Nursery recommends palms, fern, evergreen shrubs and climbers.

Create a country garden
Plant colourful flowering perennials for every month and situation.

Encourage wildlife
Do this by planting for pollinators and butterflies.

Lastly, make your garden edible!
You can achieve this by planting species such as fruit bushes and trees, vegetables and herbs.

If your outside space is limited, worry not! Simply visit the shop to see one of the best ranges of house plants around, providing you with the chance to bring the jungle into your living space.

Finally, round off your trip with a visit to the nursery’s popular Mill Café, where you can enjoy lunch or a delicious, barista-made Italian coffee al fresco on the sunny terrace.  With your flat white or cappuccino in hand, where else would you rather be?



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