Cornwall LivingIssue #110

Experience Cornwall at sunrise

If you’re up for an early start, join the many local surfers, wildlife enthusiasts and dog walkers who experience Cornwall in a very special way – at sunrise.

Even if you are not normally an early riser, when the light is right, make the effort and venture off into the dawn and you won’t be disappointed.

You’re sure to be treated to a morning chorus of birdsong with an accompaniment of fresh, crisp light. Watching the sun rise above the horizon can also have a profound effect on your outlook for the rest of the day; there’s never a time when you feel the promise and potential of a new day more than greeting it at first light. Whether you’re walking, running, cycling, boating or fishing, the feeling of calm, space and utter peace is the ultimate soul food.

Each coastal or countryside dawn experience is otherworldly, offering a different perspective and something unique for each new day. 


Image by Liam Alford Photography