Cornwall LivingIssue #79

Fabulous fabric solutions

Catching up with Merchants and Makers partner Penny McMillan earlier this month, we learned that a lot of her clients of late have shown great interest in artisanal, hand-printed fabrics, choosing to experience the ‘hand-crafted in Britain’ look over the mass produced, a trend we discovered in this month’s cover feature.

She also told us that a lot more people are making the most of automated Roman blinds, which now come with remote control. “Aesthetically these look much nicer, as you can fit the blinds much more precisely, without needing to provide space to reach for the cord.”

One couple who recently enlisted Penny’s help had this to say about their new blinds: “They’re amazing. If people haven’t tried them, they should. It’s so easy – a press of a button and your blinds will close, great after a hard day at work. It’s affordable luxury!”

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