Cornwall LivingIssue #115

Fall flourishes

Autumn has arrived along with some fabulous new designs at Whitegoose & Co. 

As summer slips away, autumn has arrived with a flourish at Whitegoose & Co, bringing with it the gloriously rich colours of fall that have infiltrated the fabulous little boutique located on Foundry Street, in the beautifully Cornish market town of Wadebridge.

This season, the team have introduced a range of beautiful silk kimonos from The One Hundred Stars Company, including short jacket styles, duster coats, throw-overs and luxurious full-length robes, all inspired by the wonderfully exotic Kew Gardens and perfectly at home over a silk camisole and jeans. For the ‘full Monty fabulous’ look, the matching silk headbands make for a perfectly lovely present for birthdays and Christmas. 

Their range from Suzy D settles perfectly into autumn in a sophisticated palette of camel brown, black and cream, and you’re sure to come across some fun little tie dye tops from £29 to style alongside their ultimate joggers at £39. All of this, plus cosy coatigans, sweaters, dresses and much more promise to give your wardrobe the warmest of styles this season, whilst the excitingly eclectic collection of jewellery from London, along with gorgeous silver and gold-plated pieces from Copenhagen, invite you to adorn yourself in a little sparkle leading up to the festive period. 

“I’ve been busy sourcing items from the USA this year including some gorgeous bags, jeans and clothes, all of which bring in a different vibe to our little ‘Goose’. It’s all about keeping the interest going (including mine) and trying to make the shopping experience a happy one,” says Maggie Wombwell, owner of Whitegoose. “We’re in our sixth year here now and I just don’t know where the time has gone. As long as it’s fun and I’m enjoying it and so are my customers, we’ll carry on!”

Make sure to pop in store to experience all that Whitegoose has to offer, with real clothes for real women at affordable prices.



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