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Beautiful boundaries from ColourFence

As its tenth anniversary approaches, we take a look at ColourFence Cornwall’s versatile products and their many benefits for homes here in the Duchy.

The award-winning company ColourFence Cornwall specialises in the supply and installation of long-lasting metal garden fences, railings and gates. It offers unique and high-quality fencing as an alternative solution to traditional products needing constant maintenance and upkeep. ColourFence can even withstand gales up to 130 miles an hour, so its longevity makes it fantastic value for money. Director of ColourFence Cornwall, Olly Daglish, tells us a little more about the extensive and attractive range of fencing as the team approach their ten-year anniversary.

Having had ColourFence installed at his  previous house in Tintagel, Olly was so impressed with the product he decided to invest in bringing it to Cornwall. He explains: “It’s the perfect solution for our windy wet climate! Our fencing is made of high-tensile steel, protected in a patented zinc and aluminium alloy called zincallume which stops it from rusting. If the base steel is exposed to moisture through cutting for example, the zinc and alluminium chemically react to create a protective barrier over that cut, meaning it will not rust. This is why it is often known as the self-healing fence.”

ColourFence offers a 25-year guarantee against rusting, warping, or peeling which means no painting or maintenance, just the occasional hose down to keep your outside area looking beautiful. They are also fireproof, making them an excellent choice when around oil tanks or caravan parks where wooden fences aren’t an option. A customer’s ColourFence even stopped a fire from spreading from their wooden shed, preventing what could have been irreparable damage.

Olly has a few tips for those thinking about getting their own ColourFence: “Plan ahead. If you think your fence is looking a little tired and wobbly, the chances are it won’t survive the next storm. End of summer/early autumn is the ideal time to get your garden ready for winter. Ensuring your boundary is strong enough to withstand the coming winter is essential.”

With the unforgiving months of winter now just around the corner, there’s no better time to think about shoring up your garden boundaries. And with so many benefits – especially for those hoping to future-proof their fencing for years to come – it’s hard to find a reason not to use ColourFence.