Cornwall LivingIssue #109

Feeding your senses

Poké Food takes ‘eating well’ to a whole new level.

Poké Food in Porthleven operates on the belief that, if every one of your senses is well fed, then you will feel satisfied. By this, they mean that if a dish has crunch, softness, sharpness, sourness, sweetness, bitterness, smoothness, saltiness, savoury and spice, then it is truly balanced and your palate will have all its boxes ticked.

The idea was hatched during a conversation with Serene Husseini who just so happens to be a health coach, personal trainer and nutritionist with over a decade’s experience. They got to talking about the frustrations and hurdles that we all face when it comes to getting excellent nutrition, while still wanting to eat foods that are bursting with flavour and a feast for the eyes. The nutritional foundation of a Poké Bowl is a balanced compilation of essential macro and micro nutrients, in sensible quantities, that can be adjusted with ease, taste delicious and therefore this seemed like the obvious template.

The team at Poké Food approached Serene to join them in building a wellness brand that incorporates their ethos that the food you eat is more than fuel.  “I jumped at the chance to collaborate with the guys at Poké Food, because I knew that they understood that great health can be a complicated process involving mind and body.  Our goal was and is to create an experience that feeds you well, in more ways than just diet alone, because great health is an inside job. Deprivation diets work against our natural food instincts. If we limit and restrict foods we label those foods as bad, and then our distorted relationship with food is born. Feeding into a lasting cycle of uncomfortable and unhealthy eating habits. Health is a habit, so it is important to create habits we can sustain for life.”

Poké Food provides nutritionally balanced, prepared meals and conscious catering targeted at those who want to choose mindful eating and health. They believe that when you know what you are eating is good for you, you can enjoy it even more. They also believe that your time is precious, and so is your health.  All food is prepared daily in their kitchen and delivered directly to you. Their products never contain artificial additives or preservatives, so they maintain their fresh, natural taste. They trust in that when life and food are positively linked, it cannot be about one or the other.

As well as providing meal prep for those in training and on their weight management journey, Poké Food clients include powerlifters, competitive cross-fitters  and those following a guided and bespoke nutrition and exercise plan for weight-loss and better health. Whether you’re an athlete in training, or are simply hoping to come out of the latest lockdown with a healthier approach to life, then Poké Food can help. To find out more, visit the website or better still, give one of the team a call.



Poké Food can also deliver a selection of natural, biodynamic wines – sourced from Scarlet Wines in Lelant – plus antipasto, mezze, cheese and charcuterie platters, perfect for small to medium gatherings.


Poké Food