Cornwall LivingIssue #75

Fight the fleas this summer

Cornwall’s mild, warm climate attracts thousands of holidaymakers every year but unfortunately it also attracts fleas.

For pets, fleas present a number of issues… most obviously, irritated skin and scratching. Regent Court Veterinary Practice urges pet owners to take immediate action if a live flea is spotted, before an epidemic in the home occurs, emphasising that treating the environment and not just your pet is key to successful elimination.

To fully rid your house of fleas, you need to break the lifecycle from egg to larva and on to flea, which can only be done through preventative treatments. As vets dealing with this issue, the Regent Court team recommend prescription flea products as the best, and sometimes only way to overcome a flea invasion. Why not book a free parasite check with them? For all prescribed flea treatments you can get 10% off by simply producing this article!

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