Cornwall LivingIssue #127

Finding a balance

Dr. Stolte is assisting in the diagnoses and long-term solutions for those living with food intolerances.

After what can only be described as a difficult year, Dr Joe Stolte continues to work as Medical Director for MEDfacials and the Rapid Health Test. 

Over the last few years, Dr Stolte has further developed his knowledge in nutrition and food intolerances, something he has been interested in for some time. After speaking with clients and working as a GP in Cornwall,  he has been able to better understand how living with food intolerances can affect someone’s day to day life, and in a variety of ways. 

“Sometimes,” says Dr Stolte, “the body can have or develop difficulty in digesting a certain type of food, or group of foods – this is known as a food intolerance. The problem is that, unlike food allergies – which are an immune system response and often cause severe reactions – the symptoms of food intolerances vary considerably. So much so in fact, that it’s possible for a person to be suffering without even understanding why they are experiencing their symptoms in the first place.” 

The most common food intolerances in the UK are dairy, gluten and caffeine, and I am sure we all know someone who suffers with such an intolerance. The symptoms for these can range from stomach pains to rashes and bloating. It is always advisable to consult your local GP if you suspect that you could be suffering, as they will be able to explore your diet and symptoms further, and the team at Rapid Health Test are on hand to help.

Dr Stolte explains that whilst it’s possible to live with a level of food hypersensitivity for some time, in the case of some food intolerances, the body does reach a saturation point. This means that even if you have no symptoms at all, your body’s ability to absorb vitamins, minerals and nutrients from other foods decreases; your body is fighting the wrong foods by attacking the intestines, which in turn damages the lining of the intestines, minimising and eventually removing your body’s ability to absorb what’s needed. You can find out if you have a pissible food intolerance by ordering one of their at home finger prick tests with a free 30 minute consultation, and a generous discount code  of ‘Premium20’.