Cornwall LivingIssue #138

Finding balance

With the help of Alicia Ray Wellbeing, it’s easy to see the power of outdoor wellbeing practices.

A Cornwall-based Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher, Dr Alicia Ray finds spending time outdoors is essential for maintaining a state of positive health. After spending time in Sri Lanka and completing Yoga Teacher Training in the Philippines and Costa Rica, experiencing immense benefits to her wellbeing, she came to develop a holistic approach that incorporates connecting with nature together with ideas and practices from Eastern and Western philosophies.

“Sometimes the simplest intervention can be the most powerful,” Alicia explains. “Stepping outside, taking a deep breath, looking out to the horizon, or listening to the sound of waves can have a profound impact on shifting energy and moving us out of a stuck mindset.”

Having worked as a psychologist across mental and physical health for 19 years in the NHS, Alicia understands the important relationship between body and mind. Her holistic approach encourages us to listen to our bodies intuitively, find balance in lifestyle and become more compassionate towards ourselves, on which she kindly elaborates: “Spending time in the outdoor world enables us to connect to the present moment and notice the subtleties that can often get missed or neglected such as how we feel, how we are in our bodies, where our energy is and what we might need to be able to look after ourselves in that moment. Being in nature, tuning in to body and mind and feeling the energy of the elements has the power to shift our mood and energy and feel a positive connection to our environment.”

Alicia offers Cornwall-based yoga classes, online yoga and one-to-one yoga therapy, as well as workshops and international retreats where guests are facilitated to connect to body and mind with yoga, sound healing and guided breathwork sessions, as well as a variety of outdoor and coastal wellbeing practices including water immersion, coastal hikes, sea swimming, surfing, waterfall dips and outdoor meditation.

Throughout the summer season you’ll find Alicia teaching yoga on the beach. Gwithian Beach Yoga (now into its sixth season) has become a well-established community practice, bringing like-minded people together to practice yoga by the sea, a friendly and inclusive class that is open to all. For information on Alicia’s upcoming Cornwall retreat at St Nectan’s Glen from 1st to 3rd September, make sure to head online!