Cornwall LivingIssue #117

Finding wellness

As we leave 2021 behind and look ahead to what we each want from 2022, 

the team at MAD Water Sports Ltd contemplate physical and mental wellness and the benefits that come with ocean-based activities, whether that be kayaking, surfing, windsurfing or stand-up paddleboarding. Based in Wadebridge, Cornwall, the sea is always close at hand, and MAD Watersports Ltd has everything you need for an adventure on the water, focussing on top-quality gear and equipment that stands the test of time, and ocean! 

When it comes to physical health, activities like stand-up paddleboarding are endlessly beneficial. Known for increasing core strength and stamina, there is a huge potential for weight loss and increased fitness while exploring and developing an old or new skill on the water. As with any physical activity comes a decrease in long-term chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and asthma, and as water sports are by nature low impact sports, improved bone and joint health are welcome companions to the practise. 

Mental health, potentially the most important aspect of all, is certainly a factor considered at MAD Water Sports Ltd, and the team are certain that water sports in particular are highly beneficial to the mind as well at the body, and we couldn’t agree more! So this year, why not try something new, or perhaps you’re looking to get back into a once loved hobby? The team at MAD Water Sports Ltd would be happy to help.