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Finding your style

Since 1986, the Rozen Furniture team have built an enviable reputation as designers and makers of fine, handmade bespoke furniture and kitchens.

It can be difficult to know where to start if you’re thinking about making a change to your home spaces; what can you do with that awkward corner? What do you want the room to feel like when it’s done? How can you make the most of the space? Having been in the business for over 35 years, the team at Rozen Furniture are experts in the world of bespoke furniture commissions and personalised kitchens, and are on hand to share their expertise with you.  

Rozen Furniture was born through the creative partnership of Ian Cox and Alan Pearce, both cabinet makers by trade and creatives at heart. From this humble beginning grew a quickly expanding company, suddenly in need of a bigger workshop for the multiplying workforce comprising of talented craftspeople. Today their office and workshop can be found in the beautiful Cornish village of Ruan Minor, a location that lends itself perfectly to creative inspiration. It is here that the team design, hand-craft and finish their wonderfully bespoke creations.  

But where do you start? As the Rozen team like to advise, preparation is everything. Spend time taking in the spaces in your home, take on board the elements that please you and the things you’d like to change. Visit other spaces where you’ve enjoyed the interior arrangement, make notes, take photos, buy books. Absorb yourself in this quest to find your style amongst the throng of influences that surround us. You might be looking for that signature piece of furniture that so far you’ve only been able to imagine, or hoping to furnish your entire property for a home that really feels like home – either way, Rozen Furniture will be there every step of the way. 

The first step on your interior style journey is design, and this begins with you. From the natural, organic curves of the Art Nouveau era to the minimalist Modernist, and the functional, clean lines of the Mid-century Modern, there is a plethora of historical influences to whet your appetite, so why not dip into the past and make it your future? Whatever your vision, the design team at Rozen will be able to talk you through the process, starting with a personal visit to your home or a workshop meeting with Co-Director, Ian Cox: “Design is one of the most important aspects of any project and one of our greatest strengths. A well-designed piece of furniture that pleases aesthetically, enhances a home, complements its environment and brings pleasure to its owner and those who see it and use it is our ultimate aim.” Here you can talk through your ideas and get one-to-one advice on functionality, flow and how your ideas can best be facilitated for the perfect result. 

After a series of creative conversations, hand-drawn visuals and discussions on material and finish, the Rozen team will work their magic in the workshop, which you’re invited to come and observe. Seeing your collaborative masterpiece come to fruition in the hands of a talented artisan craftsman before your eyes is a rare opportunity, and one not to be missed! There’s a real atmosphere of partnership and understanding at Rozen, and your thoughts and questions are taken onboard throughout the entire process. This is, after all, your dream project. 

From single pieces of furniture to entirely bespoke kitchens and interiors, the team will take the reins and personally fit your vision into your home, leaving nothing but your dream idea down to you. There is even a specialist staircase design and manufacturing wing at the Rozen workshop, primed to develop your ideal flight. With you as the lead designer, you get to put together the home you always imagined and see yourself reflected in your home interior. The professionals at Rozen Furniture take pride in their ability to make your dreams a physical reality, so why not get in touch with Ian to start your journey to an entirely bespoke interior idyll?


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