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Foam your home

We chat to property guru Richard Yeo and discover the benefits of insulating your home with ThermoFoam this year. 

ThermoFoam Installations Managing Director, Richard Yeo, knows better than anyone that good insulation adds a huge amount of value to your property, both in terms of re-sale opportunities and for overall energy efficiency. “There’s always a fantastic array of construction projects underway in Cornwall,” says Richard, “from tastefully created housing developments to one-off self-builds and stunning designer homes. We’re grateful to have been involved in some of these amazing projects throughout 2019 as the benefits of spray foam insulation become ever present in the Cornish construction market.”

Overall we are delighted that we chose ThermoFoam for this installation

As building regulations continue to demand low U-Values, airtightness and maximum thermal efficiency, Richard and the team at ThermoFoam have developed a wide range of solutions to help your new-build project achieve compliance. 

The pre-construction advice service is designed to help you understand the thermal requirements of your property and therefore, the structural depths of roof rafters and wall studs – to enable the correct thickness of insulation. This tailored service means that you can ensure the ideal amount of insulation for your building.

You may be wondering what the benefits are of using ThermoFoam over other insulation methods. The answer is that unlike many pre-manufactured products such as PIR and fibre, spray foam insulation does not require an air-gap. Not having an air gap can help you to reduce the thickness of the structural materials needed to house the insulation which, in turn, reduces your costs whilst increasing usable space. Furthermore, the installation process is quick – up to seven times faster than the time it takes to install pre-manufactured insulation – and the airtightness of spray foam is unbeatable, helping you to achieve compliance with stringent SAP requirements. 

When it comes to performance, spray foam insulation lives with the life of your building without diminishing its thermal properties; it doesn’t shrink, slip or degrade in any way. Advanced modern chemical formulations also help to make spray foam environmentally friendly with a low global warming potential that doesn’t rely on VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons).

While discussing the various projects the company has worked on in Cornwall, Richard tells us: “We were asked to insulate the Posi-Joists of a stunning coastal property in Polzeath – we recommended the use of our Closed Cell spray foam in order to offer structural strength to the roof, due to the exposure of the property to strong coastal winds. They took our advice and the Closed Cell foam was used to join a seamless, monolithic insulation barrier between the joist and through the metal web to eliminate cold bridging and therefore, remove the risk of condensation. Completed in just one day, we left this property well-insulated, air tight and with increased structural strength.”  

Another project that ThermoFoam worked on in Cornwall was to refurbish the insulation of a wedding barn at Gwel an Mor, a luxury holiday resort on Cornwall’s north coast. “The wedding and events barn had an ageing roof, in desperate need of refurbishment. In colder weather, with no insulation, the barn was extremely hard to heat and during hot summer months, solar gain caused stifling temperatures. The installation of ThermoFoam created a thermal envelope and provides great heat retention and structural integrity for the barn.” 

The ThermoFoam team were sympathetic to Gwel an Mor’s busy events schedule, and even hired a cherry picker lift to allow them to access every inch of the roof. This didn’t go unnoticed by Gwel an Mor General Manager, Matt Way, who says: “From initial survey to installation, the ThermoFoam team communicated with us at every stage. They assisted with specifying the correct spray foam products that would comply with regulations and, despite a few access issues that prevented the installers from reaching some areas of the roof, they worked hard to find a solution that would allow them to complete the job to a high standard. Overall we are delighted that we chose ThermoFoam for this installation, as they have a can-do attitude and are excellent communicators.” 

 If you have a construction project that you’re undertaking in Cornwall throughout 2020, be sure to contact the ThermoFoam team for advice on how the multiple uses of spray foam insulation can help give you speed efficiency, enhanced thermal performance, air-tightness and structural integrity.

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"Overall we are delighted that we chose ThermoFoam for this installation"