Cornwall LivingIssue #100

Follow your heart

A new children’s book tells the touching story of capturing the perfect wave in Cornwall.

In an age where there is a danger that illustrated children’s books will be cast aside in favour of images on tablets and that the reading of bedtime stories is being taken over by digital home assistants, it’s with sheer delight that we discovered a new children’s book being published, right here in Cornwall Living’s home village of Porthleven. As print publishers ourselves, we are already self-confessed lovers of ink on paper, but we think you and your children can’t fail to be enticed by this gentle tale of discovery.

The book’s main character is Mikey. In real life Mikey, aka Mike Lacey, is one of Cornwall’s leading surf art photographers. His passion for Cornwall and nature is revealed in his diverse portfolio of ocean photography that can be seen displayed in his two galleries in Porthleven and Falmouth. It was one photograph in particular though, a perfect heart caught in a breaking wave the night before his first child was born, that inspired him and his wife to create their first children’s book.

A true story, Coral and the Cornish Heart begins with the news that Mikey and his wife are going to have a baby. As with many new fathers, Mikey is a little nervous and takes to his beloved ocean with his camera to ask his underwater friends Ninja Crab Nina and Sophie the Seal for their advice. The book then follows Mikey’s journey before the baby is born, in search of the perfect picture. Which he does, the day before his daughter Coral is born!

We wouldn’t want to spoil your enjoyment so you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next. It is a tale told from the heart. Written by Mike’s wife Lisa, the prose is gentle and lyrical, addressing those fears that nearly all new dads experience before their first born arrives. The book is lovingly illustrated by Hermione Rose (@hermioneroseillustration) cleverly combined with Mike’s ocean photography. The style is reminiscent of picture postcards bought as a child to send to Granny, evoking memories of beach days and bedtimes stories, salty hair and sandy toes.

Coral and the Cornish Heart is available to buy from Waves Surf Art galleries in Porthleven and Falmouth or online at

Waves Surf Art Gallery
01326 368369