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Fresh flowers forever

We discover the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful, expansive bouquet of fresh flowers all year round.

Fresh flowers are magical; their vibrant colours, delicate petals, and enticing fragrances have the power to transform any space and lift our mood. As a child, Victoria Lawley-Gibbs visited her grandparents’ flower shop, walking among the tall ferns and exotic flowers, filling her senses with their vibrant colours and smells. “Over the years I always made sure we had a fresh bunch of flowers in our home, holiday home, or office, wherever we were in the world. Having fresh flowers in a living space really helps create a luxurious and comforting environment,” says Victoria.

“When my family first moved to Cornwall, we lived in a number of holiday cottages until we found a more permanent home in St Ives. Walking into these homes, I was so impressed by the attention to detail, every room beautifully decorated. However, something was missing… fresh flowers. There were a few pieces here and there, but they were plastic and began gathering dust after a day or so.”

Buying fresh flowers regularly is expensive, and inevitably they wilt and die. Synthetic or dried flowers don’t have the same texture, aroma, or magical appeal as living flowers and this is why Bryluen was conceived. Using a process carefully developed over the last 30 years, Victoria preserves freshly cut flowers in exactly the same state as when harvested. Capturing a perfect moment in time, Bryluen flowers can be enjoyed out of season and for years to come – imagine a bouquet of white hydrangeas for your September wedding!

The magical process involves extracting the water from the plant cells and replacing this with a mixture of glycerine and natural colouring, which makes them indistinguishable from fresh flowers in both aroma and texture. Whether it’s to brighten up your kitchen island or a classic coffee table display, if your average bouquet lasts two weeks, these flowers will outlast them some 50 times over. Over a two year period those cost savings are considerable.

A Bryluen display is perfect for homes, hotels, restaurants, reception areas and holiday cottages – in fact, any space where an impressive bouquet of flowers really adds that luxury feel and lifts the spirits, whatever the season!