Cornwall LivingIssue #100

From dream to reality

We meet Adam Desmonde, whose strategic planning company, Cliff and Ocean is helping clients realise their property project ambitions.

For any property project, planning, design, feasibility, surveys, site and objections all need to be taken into account. For some, this gamut of avenues that need to considered can be overwhelming. For others, time is a limiting factor and both of these examples can be a real blocker if you are looking to undertake a property project.

That’s where Adam at Cliff and Ocean comes in. A consummate project manager and Built Environment Consultant, his confidence in being able to deliver your dream property will make you breathe a sigh of relief. Whether you are an existing home owner in Cornwall wanting to renovate or expand, you live out of county and want to relocate to the Duchy or are looking for a ‘bricks and mortar’ investment, Adam and his team of property advisers, planning and architectural consultants can help you achieve your property goals.

While working in London, Adam had the idea for a company that specialised in finding and creating the perfect home and lifestyle in Cornwall: “As many Cornish people do, I moved to the city to pursue my career, but quickly realised that I no longer wanted my life to revolve around early starts, late finishes, a dirty, unfriendly city, a cost of living that outweighed even the best salary, and a quality of life that was non-existent. I spent the next couple of weeks looking at work, housing, school and life opportunities in the south west and realised that’s where my future lay. Cliff and Ocean exists in order to find, or create, our clients a dream home. A home that can make a perfect work life balance become a reality. And a home that exceeds all expectations.”

Adam and his team offer a turnkey solution, from helping you find a site or property, to advising on how you could extend or improve your existing home. Their in-depth knowledge of the local area, its sometimes unique planning constraints and how to overcome the challenges of unusual and remote locations is second to none. So, if you are looking to create your dream home in Cornwall, Cliff and Ocean should be your first port of call.

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Because no planning application is the same, Cliff and Ocean can prepare a phased plan with associated costs and services so you have complete flexibility throughout the project’s lifecycle.

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