Cornwall LivingIssue #126

From sea to stars

Independent clothing brand, Ayr Space touches down with its latest range of apparel and a new designs for the 2022 season.

For the summer collection, Ayr Space has applied minimal print detail against relaxed silhouettes, using contrasting tones inspired by the shallow sandy waters, white walled cottages and warm nights spent in St. Ives. The series is made up of standalone pieces that quickly become day-to-day wear once the temperatures start to soar. “We saw the 2022 season as the perfect platform to reintroduce ourselves; to express who we are and what we are about. Summertime in St Ives and Cornwall can be a little insane, so we wanted to reflect a more subdued, laid-back approach in our new series,” explains owner, Dan Chater.

Combing coastal elements with modern-streetwear and graphic work inspired by spaceflight and cinema, Ayr Space produce high-quality pieces in small runs, avoiding the mass-production side of the fashion industry. The latest design, From The Sea To The Stars,  combines themes of cinema and space travel by constructing the entire map of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly as if it were a constellation of stars. Including all the key towns and villages with the connecting network of roads, each star represents
not only the place but everyone who resides there. 

Dan continues: “I began working on a design during the early months of the pandemic; something that could represent all of Cornwall and Scilly. Many towns and villages were rocked with the sudden loss of loved ones and key pillars of their communities. Jobs were lost and many businesses relying on tourism had to shut their doors leaving families struggling, all while house prices soared along with the overall cost of living. Once the country had begun to open up again in limited capacity, surviving businesses, particularly hospitality found themselves at breaking point with limited staff and supply chain delays – yet everyone just kept going and pushing on!” 

His design represents a community of people like no other that even in the darkest of times, still produced the brightest of stars. “This is for them,” concludes Dan.