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From sky to track

Flying into Silverstone by private helicopter makes for an unforgettable trackside experience.

When it comes to attending a motorsport event, few experiences can match the exhilaration of being trackside at the Silverstone Formula 1 Aramco British Grand Prix, one of the most iconic racing circuits in the world. While the journey to Silverstone may seem onerous to some, why not opt for the luxury approach by taking to the skies in a private helicopter and arriving in style?

Each year, Castle Air curates an exclusive and unparalleled passenger lounge experience for their esteemed clientele during the Silverstone event, elevating the overall satisfaction and enjoyment to the next level. With a significant influx of over 250 clients throughout the Grand Prix weekend, Castle Air’s dedicated terminal serves as a seamless gateway for their guest’s arrival, showcasing its commitment to delivering exceptional service and convenience. The annual creation of the dedicated Silverstone terminal means that the overall experience is one of complete luxury and ease. Castle Air prides itself in offering fully customised and tailored flights over the course of the event, providing discerning clients with a range of departure options, including renowned locations such as Battersea Heliport and Cornwall. This personalised approach ensures that each journey is specifically designed to meet each guest’s unique preferences and requirements.

As a motorsport enthusiast, imagine your journey to Silverstone beginning with your arrival at a helipad of your choice; no need to be cramped in a car or waiting in queues. Welcomed by the whirling blades, step on board and experience the convenience and luxury of air travel as you travel to Silverstone, with the bonus of an unparalleled perspective of the landscape below as you speed through the sky. The aerial journey is a high-altitude adventure in itself.

In order to further enhance their passengers’ overall experience, Castle Air establishes strategic partnerships with esteemed beverage providers each year. This year, they are proud to announce a collaboration with QV Wines, an exquisite brand founded by Oliver Proudlock of the popular Made in Chelsea series. This partnership ensures that clients have access to the finest selection of beverages; all you need to do is sit back, relax while sipping a glass of something cold and enjoy the ride!

Within a short time, your helicopter will gently descend to the dedicated terminal, giving passengers an up-close glimpse of the racing circuit. The landing zone, located within the circuit’s confines, ensures that those aboard the helicopter are just a stone’s throw away from the racing action. Stepping off the helicopter, you can’t help but feel a sense of privilege and exclusivity, as the unique sights and sounds of the racetrack unfold.

Being trackside at Silverstone is an assault on the senses, with the roar of powerful engines, the smell of burning rubber, and the cheers of the crowd creating an electrifying experience. Spectators find themselves at the heart of the action, as sleek race cars zoom past at breakneck speeds, drivers pushing the limits of their machines around every corner. The proximity to the track allows for an unparalleled level of immersion, where every twist and turn can be witnessed first-hand.

The experience of being trackside is further enhanced by the VIP treatment that private helicopter passengers can access. Exclusive hospitality suites and viewing areas offer prime vantage points, providing an unobstructed view of the race. Gourmet food and beverages, comfortable seating, and access to luxury amenities ensure that spectators can fully indulge in the event.

Flying by private helicopter to Silverstone is not merely a means of transportation; it is an extraordinary adventure. From the breathtaking aerial views to the excitement of arriving trackside in style, this unique journey combines the thrill of flying with the electrifying atmosphere of motorsport racing. If you’re looking to arrive in style this year, then a private helicopter charter to Silverstone is
the ultimate choice for an unforgettable trackside adventure.

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