Cornwall LivingIssue #146

From wave to wall

Ocean photographer Mike Lacey is bringing a new meaning to the word ‘splashback’.

Mike Lacey should, by now, need no introduction. Regular readers of Cornwall Living will surely be familiar with his incredible and, perhaps, unorthodox approach to capturing the many moods of the Cornish coast. Taking to the sea, wetsuit firmly zipped and camera in hand, Mike can usually be found ducking and diving beneath the waves, capturing moments at their very heart and mesmerising admirers of his work with the results.

Large and small, the prints adorning the walls of his Porthleven gallery are breathtaking, and you could be forgiven for not knowing which one to pick. In fact, for anybody who thinks ‘a wave is a wave’, well, just pay Waves Surf Art Gallery a visit, where Mike will be happy to show that this is simply not the case! 

From moody skies to sun-shine summer days, deep, hollow dream-waves to steep banks that would inspire fear in many just to look at them, Mike captures them all. His ocean photography combines with a team, led by the man himself, who are happy to help you find the right image for your home. And it’s not only prints that you can choose, in fact if you’re contemplating updating your kitchen and adding in a point of interest, what could be more interesting than the nuanced light and texture of Mike’s work on your kitchen wall?

Offering bespoke splashbacks to suit all spaces, simply send Mike and the team an image of your space along with the sort of image you have in mind – be it calming or dramatic – and they’ll produce a digital render to show you how it could look. Alternatively, pop into the gallery in Porthleven and let them walk you through the options. 


Waves Surf Art Gallery
Harbour Road, Porthleven TR13 9JD
01326 368369