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Fruits of the grill

At Heart, Smoke & Soal, the mission is simple: to transform every client’s unique outdoor space. 

Heart, Smoke & Soal understand that outdoor cooking means something different to everyone. Some are cooking only for their family, while others are catering for all of their friends. What can also make a difference, is the kind of food you like to prepare. It could be that, in your family, you have a pizza night once a week, in which case a purpose-built, wood-fired oven from Alfa Forni or DeliVita could be just the kit you need to bring that authentic taste of Italy into your garden. For others, nothing beats the savoury scent of food sizzling on the grill as you stand at the centre of the party, apron on and drink to hand, serving up a veritable feast to your guests.

Let’s say you’ve decided to go for a traditional barbeque-style set-up. If the convenience of gas is more your style, then a three, four or five-burner barbeque from BeefEater could be the solution you’re looking for, available freestanding or as a built-in unit. Alternatively, if you’re feeding the masses, then why not consider a complete outdoor kitchen from Fire Magic? Offering a premium range of outdoor kitchens, barbeques and accessories that are the very epitome of outdoor living luxury, with grills, pizza ovens and a whole range of other appliances to completely customise your outdoor space, Fire Magic promises to take your cooking and entertaining ability to the next level.

Perhaps you’re among those who believe there is nothing quite like the smoky flavour of charcoal. If this sounds like you, then let us introduce you to Primo and welcome
you into the fold of ceramic grilling! Ceramic, or ‘Kamado’, style grills are perhaps the most versatile. Their unique heat and moisture retention properties make them the equipment of choice for outdoor cooks who want the option to grill, bake, roast and smoke, across an entire spectrum of temperatures, without the need for different appliances. They’re incredibly efficient too, in fact, at temperatures of 150°F, you can cook for hours on end without the need to refuel!

Even once you’ve settled on your appliances, you will only have scratched the surface of what Heart, Smoke & Soal can offer as, both online and in-store, there is a whole plethora of accessories available to help raise your outdoor dining game. This means that whether you left your tongs out in the rain last winter and need some new utensils, are after a cosy Atlantic Blanket under which to snuggle as the sun sets, or wish to try one of an incredible range of smoking woods, spice blends and rubs to elevate your food to the next level, you’ll find everything you need to transform your garden into a culinary hub for you and those you love this summer.


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