Cornwall LivingIssue #77

Fuel your coffee passion

If you love good coffee then you have got to visit The Padstow Coffee Company.

If you’re a coffee lover, then we highly recommend a visit to The Padstow Coffee Company. Within the stylish and welcoming interior of the shop you’ll find a carefully curated selection of the finest single estate coffees just waiting to be discovered. Director Sarah Prosser tells us: “We carry out daily tastings and demonstrations, helping customers see how easy it is to use the varied pieces of coffee equipment available. Our mission is to show people that you really don’t need expensive machines to make good coffee at home.”

“Our mission is to show people that you really don’t need expensive machines to make good coffee at home.”

The beauty of The Padstow Coffee Company is that when you visit the shop, you have the opportunity to discover your ideal flavour combination and wake up to the perfect cup of coffee, every day. Sarah explains: “The world of coffee can be slightly overwhelming, especially if you’ve just started out on your coffee journey. We wanted to provide somewhere that makes coffee more accessible to everyone. Coffee is much like wine, different regions produce different beans which all have different flavour notes. Just by changing the grind slightly or using a different brewing method you can discover the perfect coffee to suit your tastes.”

The Padstow Coffee Company is providing something truly unique to its customers. “We’re a luxury brand and that’s because we’re using the best beans we can get our hands on; it’s all rainforest alliance, 100% high grown Arabica, and we only use single estate – expertly blended in our roastery in St Meryn.” The blends are all named after bays and beaches around the Padstow area too, making them a unique gift idea and allowing you to take a taste of Padstow home with you. Sarah tells us: “My favourite blend is Constantine, it’s where I walk my dog in the morning and its a nice bright citrusy number, which for me, makes the perfect breakfast coffee.”

Essentially what The Padstow Coffee Company does is make great coffee accessible to everyone. “At the end of the day, if you’re going to buy a decent bottle of wine you expect to pay more for it – coffee is no different and after all, life’s too short to drink bad coffee.”



The Padstow Coffee Company’s experienced in-house green coffee buyers ethically source beans from around the world, working closely with farmers and co-operatives to ensure they bring you only the very finest flavours of the different origins.

"Our mission is to show people that you really don't need expensive machines to make good coffee at home."