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Fusions of flavour

Take your taste buds on a journey through Asia with a trip to Truro’s Xen Noodle Bar.

This family-run noodle bar in the heart of Truro serves a varied selection of traditional Asian dishes, offering fantastic value for money. The menu promises to take you on a journey across the continent, form the aromatic spices of Thailand and Malaysia to the delicate flavours and textures of Japan. It also includes the all-new South Korean Barbeque Grills, cooked at your table. Everything is freshly prepared on site and made using fresh Asian produce. What’s more, all food is MSG free, with gluten free and vegan options available on request.

“deliciousness from the heart of Asian culture”

Relax in the ambient surroundings of the recently refurbished restaurant, or put your feet up with a takeaway in the comfort of your home. Either way, you’re sure to love the offerings of this authentic eatery. A range of restaurant-made sauces, including popular classics such as black bean Szechuan, are also available to take away, ensuring Xen’s special flavour can be achieved at home.

Eating different food groups has often been linked with a preferable diet and may be why obesity rates have remained relatively low in Asia (a third less than the western world!), and healthy amounts of soup means low calories! Xen benefits from its true Asian heritage, patriotic cooking and preparation, delivering food with authenticity, modernity and deliciousness from the heart of Asian culture. The team offer a range of meat-free dishes, which keep saturated fat low, and while there are, of course, the big marinated meat dishes, all in all, the input of seafood on Xen’s menu swings it firmly into the healthy category.

And that’s not all! Xen’s dishes utilise fermented and traditionally prepared vegetables in large quantities, which contain healthy bacteria that’s believed to boost your immune system. It also delves into
the cruciferous family of cabbages and radishes – known for their anti-cancerous properties – and let’s not forget all the garlic and chilli peppers!

Whether you’re eating in or taking away, the Xen team are extremely passionate about delivering an authentic taste of Asia. It’s fair to say you won’t leave feeling disappointed!


Xen Noodle Bar

01872 222998

"deliciousness from the heart of Asian culture"