Cornwall LivingIssue #97

Gardens by the coast

Located close to the sea in west Cornwall, Trevena Cross successfully grows plants adapted to a coastal landscape.

Wherever you live in Cornwall you’re never far from the coast, which is both a privilege and a responsibility. Living here requires an understanding of the unique ocean landscape and its challenging climate, nowhere more so than in the garden. Creating a sustainable coastal landscape requires enthusiasm, a peek to see what your neighbours are growing, and advice from some plant savvy folk. That’s where Trevena Cross comes in.

why not introduce seasonal patio plants? Many of which do exceptionally well by the coast.”

Located about a mile from the sea in west Cornwall, Trevena Cross has been successfully growing plants in its nursery and garden centre that are adapted to this very landscape, across 35 acres, for more than four decades.

Trevena Cross Owner and experienced plantsman Graham Jeffery shares a few words of wisdom to help inspire wannabe coastal gardeners: “A coastal garden with a decent windbreak is crucial to the success of everything else growing there, helping to create your garden’s very own microclimate. We recommend the toughest of hedging for coastal locations, like Elaeagnus ebbingei Compacta or Olearia traversii. Griselinia littoralis is also perfect for a position set a bit further back from the sea.”

Trevena Cross also advises people on being aware of wind rock. Graham continues: “Wind rock is the destabilisation of a plants roots by strong winds, and can be avoided by keeping the plant lower to the ground during the autumn/winter months. Autumn is a great time to plant for establishment beneath the ground, however we advise top growth to be kept down, and plants to be pruned right back where vulnerable. It may seem drastic in the short term but it could save your plant in the long term.”

Poor, free draining soils, and salt-laden winds are typical of coastal locations and so choosing plants that tolerate such conditions is key. Another top tip is to make sure you choose a good quality, slow-release fertiliser (like Trevena Cross Fertiliser) that will feed your plants for the complete season. Graham concludes: “Warmer coastal temperatures mean you can take advantage of a huge range of plants – why not introduce seasonal patio plants? Many of which do exceptionally well by the coast. You can’t beat succulents, foliage and subtropical plants for wonderful contrast and texture too.”


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For more advice and to see some of the coastal plants in person make sure to visit the nursery for yourself and enjoy the onsite café and giftshop full of home inspiration.



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"why not introduce seasonal patio plants? Many of which do exceptionally well by the coast."