Cornwall LivingIssue #77

Get creative in your kitchen

Introducing the stunning craftsmanship and quality designs of Arnold’s Kitchens.

For many of us, our kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s where our families congregate at the beginning and end of the day, where numerous cups of tea are made and stories told and often, it’s the deal-breaker when buying a property. Creating a bespoke and beautiful kitchen is a dream for many of us, and Arnold’s Kitchens has the skill and craftsmanship to make that dream a reality.

Run by husband and wife team Leigh and Arnold Van Den Dolder, Arnold’s Kitchens is the brainchild of these two incredibly creative individuals. Having met at university when Leigh was studying textiles and printing and Arnold was studying cabinet making, the pair combined their creative talents to design and make bespoke, handcrafted kitchens. Leigh tells us:

“Kitchens seem to be the room of a house that’s most important to people and can often end up being the biggest project, we absolutely love the challenge of balancing functionality and style as well as our clients’ particular specifications and requirements.”

Arnold’s Kitchens is one of only three UK companies that cast worktops exclusively in-situ, creating seamless worktops, as well as concrete shelves, cupboards and sinks, resulting in a highly polished finish and an industrial effect that achieves a bold look when paired with reclaimed lighting and utilitarian copper or brass tap fittings. However, Leigh tells us: “The industrial look is still extremely popular but we’re now seeing a return to natural textures and refined raw materials. The two styles totally complement each other, with the warm wooden tones playing against the cool concrete.” Arnold’s Kitchens really is a keystone in kitchen design; the company stands out for its innovative approach and creativity, and here at Cornwall Living we absolutely love the rustic effect and imaginative use of concrete, as well as Leigh’s expert skill with marrying different textures and patterns.

A creativity that is perhaps enhanced and cultivated through their base here in Cornwall, a rugged and wild landscape that has inspired countless generations of artists – which is definitely how we perceive these two makers and shapers – their kitchens are nothing short of art installations and their life here in Cornwall massively influences and promotes their creativity. Arnold tells us: “We’re very outdoorsy people, with lots of interests such as surfing, spearfishing and cold water swimming and this has made us into seriously hands-on creative types, we’re not afraid to get really stuck into a project, just like we’re not afraid of what lurks beneath the cool Cornish waters. We embrace and relish a challenge and love bringing our adventurous side into our designs.” As a reflection of their fearless approach to exploring Cornwall’s coastline, Arnold and Leigh aren’t afraid to push the boundaries with design and have consequently created some truly stunning kitchens from here all the way to London.

The company are also intrinsically aware of their impact on the environment and will choose reclaimed timber and locally sourced materials in favour of other less sustainable products, thereby creating unique and individual designs that stand out whilst also reducing their environmental impact. Arnold continues: “We love experimenting with various raw materials to achieve something different,” and that’s what lies at the heart of what Arnold’s Kitchens is all about – experimenting, creating and designing kitchens that are incredibly unique and outstandingly beautiful.

“Kitchens seem to be the room of a house that’s most important to people and can often end up being the biggest project, we absolutely love the challenge of balancing functionality and style as well as our clients' particular specifications and requirements.”