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Get into gardening

Taking time to flirt with the flora in your own garden, home or office can promote a whole raft of health benefits!

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, plants and gardening can contribute to human health in a variety of ways, from improving mental well-being to bettering physical health. As well as enhancing our outdoor environments, plants can also contribute to happier surroundings in our homes and workplaces too.

Getting physical

Those of you who have put in regular sessions in the garden could also liken it to a gym workout, a way to relieve stress and promote self-esteem. Having regular gardening habits has been shown to improve immunity to disease and heart health, and reduce the risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s. In addition to enjoying the physical activity of gardening, fresh air, and vitamin E from the sunshine can improve mood, skin, and health.

Boost your mood

Spending time outdoors in green spaces reduces mental fatigue, increases relaxation, and even improves cognitive function. Indoor plants have also been recognised to do the same things whilst improving air quality through photosynthesis and capturing these indoor pollutants. So, whilst being outside isn’t always achievable when balancing a busy life, being around houseplants can provide plenty of benefits.

Creating connections

Our gardens provide us with a chance to connect with other people and nature. Gardening creates communities and provides a place to gather with those we love. By creating a garden, you, your friends and your family can enjoy, you are also providing an environment for other small visitors too. Perhaps build grassy areas to encourage wildlife such as hedgehogs or a birdbath to encourage your feathered friends.

Here are a few suggestions from Plants of Cornwall to set you on your way to a more balanced life. The fragrance from the lavender plant is known to lower heart rate and blood pressure. Rosemary stimulates blood flow and boosts the immune system. A snake plant requires hardly any maintenance and has been shown to remove toxins from the air, while succulents can increase the humidity in a room whilst producing clean air.

Being around plants can only be a positive thing. Look after your plants and they’ll look after you! So, we recommend that you visit for more tips and advice or to see their online store and seasonal special offers.

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