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Dispose of your personal or business data responsibly with Britannia Lanes.

With the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in 2017, how data and paperwork is handled and disposed of is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Whether it’s your own documents at home, or how you dispose of your customers and client’s information as a business, it’s important you have total peace of mind that this is done securely.

When it comes to home shredding, the number of documents that now need shredding for total personal security is at its highest level. The leading advice tells us that any envelope, letter or scrap of paper with a name, address or contact number needs to be disposed of securely, meaning our homes can often become cluttered with a ‘pile to shred.’

Most small household shredders simply cannot handle the amount of shredding produced by the average family home, which is why Britannia Lanes supply shredding sacks that are ideal for personal use. These can be collected from the Britannia Lanes office or delivered to you. The sacks are easy to use and you can fill them up as you go, making unsightly paperwork piles a thing of the past. The bags can be dropped back to your closest depot when you’re next passing, or if you have filled five bags or over they will be collected from you at no additional charge.
For total peace of mind you can then use the individual tag number with your postcode to track your bags’ progress online and receive a destruction certificate once they’ve been shredded.

For businesses, disposing of any data you may produce such as printed emails, files and written notes containing customers’ and clients’ information in a safe and trustworthy manner has never been more important, with hefty fines for any company found not to be doing this. For business customers, as well as offering shredding sacks, there are also secure lockable consoles, which allow anyone in your office to securely deposit documents into the console without being able to regain access to them.

Shredding services not only give you confidence that your documents are being destroyed securely, it also means you can rest assured that you’re doing your bit for the environment as the paperwork Britannia Lanes shred is 100% recycled.


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The shredding console option offers flexible packages to suit the amount of confidential waste your business produces with packages starting from £7.50 plus VAT per week.


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