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Get wedding ready

Look radiant on your big day with the help from MEDfacials, Truro.

The venue is booked, the cake is on order. The bridesmaids have been chosen and even the thank you gifts are taken care of. You’ve thought of every last detail. But have you given any thought to how you want to look and feel on your big day? All too often, brides leave planning their own personal wedding preparation to the last minute.  Added to this, the stress of a wedding can sometimes leave us looking worn-out when we really want to look glowing and rested.  So, what to do? We catch up with Dr Stolte at his doctor-led aesthetic clinic in Truro, MEDfacials, to see what he recommends to help brides look and feel their very best.

Good skin from within

Think about feeding your skin with what it needs from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water and eating foods high in anti-oxidants, for example, can help it look clear and healthy.

If you feel you could do with an additional top-up from within, then why not consider trying a three-month course of Skinade? Available to buy from MEDfacials in Truro, Skinade contains multiple active ingredients such as hydrolysed collagen, vitamin C, vitamin B12, omega 3, omega 6 and many more beneficial properties to promote optimal skin function.

Treat your skin

Dr Stolte recommends a course of peels or facials in the run-up to your wedding.  MEDfacials offer a range of treatments with zero downtime (so no red, angry or flaky skin concerns) that promote the production of collagen and elastin and nourish the skin with a range of scientifically proven, botanical ingredients. The signature Fire & Ice facial or Glow peel is a favourite with celebrities who know the benefits that regular facial treatments can deliver in terms of tighter, brighter skin and a glowing complexion, free from blemishes.

Tackle your niggles head on

If you suffer from blemishes, uneven skin tone, rosacea, active acne, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, or have noticed fine lines and wrinkles, you can rest assured that there are ways to treat these issues safely and effectively. Dr Stolte offers a free no-obligation consultation at MEDfacials, where you can happily chat through which treatments might be right for your skin needs. You can even split your payments, interest free.

Pamper your body too

MEDfacials also offers a range of non-invasive treatments for the body. The Aqualyx and ProMax Lipo treatments are both fantastic for tackling stubborn pockets of fat that won’t shift through diet and exercise and the IPL laser machine is perfect for rejuvenating and tightening the skin as well as being an effective form of permanent hair removal. The team also works closely with a body and fitness coach to help boost your overall health and body confidence.

Spend time on yourself

Whatever you do, try to plan well ahead of the big day. It’s important to avoid trialling aesthetic procedures for the first time too close to your wedding as you may not be happy with the results.
If you are wishing to try fillers or anti-wrinkle injections, for example, and want to ensure you have optimal results, then you should ideally allow four to six months before your wedding.

However, Dr Stolte’s most important advice is to always ensure you go to a medical practitioner you trust, and to do your research on their background, to make sure you’re confident they will be using the safest and best products available to leave you with the look you want.

If you would like to find out more about any of the services discussed, or would like to book in for a no-obligation consultation with Dr Stolte and his team at MEDfacials, make sure to get in touch today.



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