Cornwall LivingIssue #139

Getting out of town, with Slickers Dog House

As restrictions lift on our favourite local beaches for our doggy friends, now that summer is drawing to a close, autumn adventure is calling out to us. It’s times like this that many of us turn to brands like Slickers to get our furry best friends kitted out for a summer of fun, but as we all know, popular destinations like Padstow come with busy streets and crowds of other like-minded adventure seekers.

Based in the heart of Padstow, the Slickers team know that avoiding the squeeze in small Cornish towns like this, especially with your pooch in tow, is something that many of us doggy-owners will bear in mind. This year, Slickers is delighted to announce the opening of its brand-new ‘Out of Town’ store!

Tucked away from the crowds of Padstow itself in a nearby industrial estate, Slickers Out of Town is open every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so you can access everything Slickers has to offer without having to deal with the Padstow crowds, not to mention the parking!

So, why not head over to Slickers Out of Town, Unit 4F, Trecerus Industrial Estate, Padstow PL28 8RW for all your doggy essentials, and maybe the odd extra special treat from the ever-expanding range?

Slickers Doghouse