Cornwall LivingIssue #76

Give life some space

Life Space Cabins was born from the ever-growing desire for people to have their own amazing small space.

Be it a private reading room, luxury annexe, artist’s studio or an Airbnb, Life Space Cabins’ aim is to help you achieve that improved work/life balance that we all strive for. Working with outdoor holiday specialists, Canopy & Stars, Life Space Cabins advises clients on how they can maximise their return on investment, with one top tip being that 70% of a cabin’s rental income is generated outside of July and August. This demonstrates the demand throughout the year – definitely worth bearing in mind if additional income is your goal!

It was amazing how adaptable we became in our small space – it is one of our happiest times.”

Life Space Cabins Founder, Jamie Wilson is keen to ensure that his clients receive a bespoke service right from the start. The team will guide you throughout the entire process, from the initial site visit and design, to ensuring you remain on budget. He tells us: “Cost is not a taboo subject and we believe in giving our clients the information to make the right choices for their project and budget.”

The company also offers a sense of fun, which Jamie explains is a key difference between Life Space Cabins and other, similar businesses. “When starting Life Space Cabins we wanted our clients to enjoy the entire process, incorporating fun and dynamic features that reflect the client and our own quirky thinking!”

Jamie’s interest and, indeed, passion for small spaces was first piqued during his six-month tour of Europe almost a decade ago, when he and his wife took their small campervan and headed south. “It was amazing how adaptable we became in our small space – it is one of our happiest times. Camping isn’t for everyone, but we all essentially enjoy that childhood love of ‘playing house’. Our cabins give you exactly that.”

Jamie’s business partner, Martin Turner, acquired a piece of woodland in 2016 and set about building his own forester’s cabin, to which his family could escape at weekends. “My teenage boys can’t get internet or phone signal there so we really do spend time as a family!”

Martin also has a diverse background, majoring in Catering Management, with some impressive institutions on his CV. He joined Jamie earlier this year, offering an unrivalled attention to detail, both in terms of practical skills and customer care.

So if you think your lifestyle could benefit from the addition of a bespoke, luxurious small space, why not give Jamie and the team a call?


Did you know?

You can gain planning permission on almost any space, anywhere. Whether you’d like the space in your domestic curtilage, woodland or open countryside, there is usually a route to achieving the necessary permissions. Life Space Cabins offers the creativity necessary to work within any constraints.

"It was amazing how adaptable we became in our small space – it is one of our happiest times."